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Blog Posting Via E-Mail by Barrett Powell

Isn’t technology great? With just the click of my mouse, I have posted this message to all my blogs and social networks at once. We are talking about my WordPress blog, Twitter, My Typepad Blog, Facebook, literally dozens of sites that I use to blog and contribute and socialize on for technology. I no longer have to log in to each one of these accounts and write. Heck, I’m even able to post videos to all my video sites, photos to my photo sites, and it all happens via e-mail.

To do this, I can use a couple of methods. One that requires a little more setup is to use the “Post via E-Mail” feature most blog and social sites offer today. Once you sign-up for the service, say Xanga.com for instance, you have the option of posting via e-mail using a special e-mail address that is provided you by the site. I simply take all these e-mail addresses and post them into the “To” on my e-mail or create a distribution list with all those address. I can then send my e-mail and it updates to all my sites.

Another way is to use a aggregate service like the one I use called Posterous. It can be located at Posterous.com. Once you sign-up for the service, which is free by the way, you simply follow the instructions for setting up your blog and sites. Again, it can take a little time to setup, but once your done you can then post to all the sites you setup in the system by sending an e-mail to posterous.com. There are some minor limitations and not all sites work. For instance, I have two WordPress blogs, one that is hosted on my hosting company’s server and one that is free and hosted by WordPress.com. The hosted blog that is hosted on my own site works fine, as it allows for XML remote posting which is used by Posterous. My other WordPress account is one of the free accounts hosted on WordPress.com. It does not offer XML remote posting. To post to that account I use the “Post via E-Mail” option under the My Blog section. So to post to all of them, I simply e-mail to my Posterous account and e-mail my WordPress.com e-mail account.

If you have any questions on how to setup, drop me an e-mail.

Barrett Powell


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