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Using Bing and Microsoft Photosynth in Real-Estate by Barrett Powell

Last year I wrote about beta testing a new Microsoft product called Photosynth. Read the original article here. In that blog I talked about how I felt Photosynth was another option for agents to use to showcase a property. I talked about it being a new type of “Virtual Tour”. The more I learn about Photosynth, the more I like it.

Now Bing and added an extra twist. Within Photosynth you can do what is called “geo-code” the location of the content. Geocoding actually places the content, a Photosynth photo tour at a location on a map, in this case the Bing map. When you pull up Bing you will notice on the left side a “Map” option. Selecting this brings up a map that looks very similar to Google Maps. Once the map is loaded you will see another new feature in Bing on the left called “Explore the New Bing Maps” with a “try it now” hotspot.

Clicking on the “try it now” brings up a Bing with some new features turned on. You will notice the left side now features the current weather for the area you have centered on the map along with some other interesting content, such as photos, AND any Photosynths in the area. Clicking on the “Map Apps” button on the left brings up a window where you can turn on additional features. One of those features is Photosynth. Turning this feature on now places location pins on the map where a Photosynth is present. By doing a Photosynth of your listed properties you now add another marketing tool to your arsenal and get more exposure for you and your listings.

Try Microsoft Photosynth on your next listing. http://photosynth.net

Barrett Powell

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  1. paulcsc
    May 19, 2010 at 3:11 am

    My friends and I took part in the Student category of Photo360, a competition to create a Synth of Singapore attraction sites using Microsoft Photosynth.

    Here’s our PhotoSynth on Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple – http://photosynth.net/view.aspx?cid=c0a56947-1460-4d25-84e2-12de5db5914c

    URGENT! Please help to vote this synth for the Student category’s Voters Choice Award, by clicking on the “Add to Favorites” button. Also give your comments, so that we can improve in our future synths.
    Voting open till 19th May 2010 (Wed), 6am (New York time). Thank you!

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