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Navigating Real-Estate Technology

There are so many companies out there trying to sell agents all kinds of technology to improve our business. That’s great, except it leaves the agent with trying to wade through it all and figure out how to make is all work and what really does work. For the most part, people trying to sell us technology are NOT Realtors. They don’t know or understand our business.

Most technology companies deal with one single aspect of our business, like websites. But there are many technologies needed to make a website successful. There is the website itself, the IDX technology, the web search strategy, the lead capture and follow up, and the list goes on. Yes there are many companies that offer a so called “All in One” solution. Usually this means we are getting a bunch of technologies that are thrown together and no one of them is that great.

So I want to try and start something new and offer to answer questions from readers about real-estate technology. What works, what doesn’t? Which technologies work best together? Most importantly, what technologies actually can make your job easier and give your clients a better experience.

So while the technology developers will continue to throw new cool and neat technologies at us, I’ll be more concerned with how does that technology translate into our everyday business. For instance, one new technology I will be writing about in a future article is live mobile broadcasting. We heard about this over a year ago when companies like Bambuser began to offer live video broadcasting from your iPhone. I have been busy testing this with a few ideas on how to use it in real estate. Right now I am testing it as a live Open House broadcast.

So continue sending questions and comments and I will work them into answer in future articles.



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